Friday, May 1, 2015

Agenda for Saturday

May 2nd: 10-3.00

10:00 Welcome!

10:10 Manuela Mangold, Humboldt, Skype in (to be confirmed)

Current events in Berlin relevant to our program and your research

10:30 Practical Matters- Draft Summer Schedule; Credits; Travel Logistics (suggestions); and Travel to Hostel from Airport, etc.

11:00-11:45 Research Groups

12:00 Lunch in suite (delivered)- break

12:30 Lunch talk with 2013 Berlin/Spain students Juliana Borges, Jessica Wang, Lynn Zhao They will discuss their own research process and final presentation. Interdisciplinary process and research group process also will be discussed

1:30-2:00  Research methods discussion (Humanities/arts, Social Science/Education, Interdisciplinary) with examples discussed, best practices for ethical research abroad

2:00-3:00 Interview and observation in the area (field research). Post to blog: 1) Observation notes (from research notebook); 2) Interview responses and your reflections on process and your perspective/positionality

Friday, May 9 class- Follow up discussion from Saturday's assignment. related to field research exercise)

(language class will be scheduled for May, stay tuned!)

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