Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 11 and 12

June 26th:

Friday! It was a lovely day, After weeks of raining, Berlin finally receive sunshine. With all the sun, Berlin could be the best place in this world. After one day full of lecture, We meet at HU for a research check in. Different group has different schedule. We briefly introduce the current status of our research. Julie and Manka give us some connection and advice. It is going smoothly.  After a short lunch, we meet at the same room to hear the story of a once asylum seeker, Andre Ngomsi’s story. He did not speak German at the time he had arrived in Germany. The government did not support language class and only given coupon for them to get food. Nowadays, somethings has changed but there are still lots of unfair and even logic bug in the law. Andre however has learned German very well and become as the founder and director for refugee organization. As time goes to 3 p.m. GORKI theater is our next place to visited. However, It was Friday afternoon, everyone was sleepy and tired. In order to weak us up, we played several fun game. Everybody enjoyed it. It is a workshop at GORKI theater to teach people about how our brain worked. First, we get a picture and we need to guess everything about this guy including name, nationality and lifestyle. After share everyone’s assumption, we got to know the real answer. It was truly a surprise for us. Our “nice professor” was a serial killer, “BMW engineer” is the founder of the IKEA and billionaire. Also different group of people from different origin has different perspective to a person. What we think as a computer science professor has been seeing as a bus driver. With different background, people see things differently. The second game is to pass a certain action to next people with out change it’s meaning. First we thought it must be a simple game, but after about 8 people, the last man have no idea what he is performing. It was a great way to end our busy week in this workshop.  

June 27th:

It was a Saturday after our busy week. I get out of the Hostel for the Christopher Street Day. It was a amazing experience.

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