Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 15 and 16

Day 15:

Hello from ever warming to Berlin !! These past few days we have finally begun to see some sun and it feels like summer! Our Tuesday morning started out with class at Humboldt lead by Dr. Viola Georgi. She is a professor here in Germany did a lot of research does on the German educational system and how the migration background of many students Affects Their experience in the classroom. It was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who does research on the German education system and is really trying to change it, so did it benefits all students.

In the afternoon we met with Monique Messique-Muller who is in charge of a neighborhood association in Kreuzberg where we are staying. The story of the association was incredible and it gave a little insight as to why Kreuzberg is seeking a diverse and lively neighborhood.

Day 16:

Wednesday morning we went and talked to two people that work for at organization called Young Islam Conference. They work with youth and politicians in Germany as well as other Organizations to create an open dialogue about the discriminations towards Muslims in the country. One of Their goals is to inspire young people, thosethat practice Islam and thosethat do not, to talk about and educate others about issues Further That Muslims face in Germany. I found the presentation to be very interesting and the Work That the organization does to be inspiring.

In the afternoon we had class with Reinhard Insensee, an American Studies professor at Humboldt. He talked to us about higher education in the United States and Germany. We Discussed different aspects of earning a postsecondary degree and the priorities did influence them. Professor Isensee used a different lecture style then most of us are used to. He did not use a powerpoint and it was a very open dialogue. It was very engaging and we all enjoyed it.      

So far in the program it has been a bit of a tradition for some of us to go to a bar close to our hostel, Madame Claude's, and play music trivia on Wednesday nights. We happened upon it our second night here and had a great time. The second week our performance as a team Which much more impressive, so we went into this week ready to win. We were thoroughly disappointed When we got there. We did not know many of the songs and the person running the game Which not very engaging and needless to say, we were not even close to winning. We were sad indeed are trivia night was not what we had photoshoped, but we will be back next week to enjoy our last Wednesday in Berlin!    

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