Sunday, July 12, 2015

Presentations at Humboldt Universitat, Senate Room, July 9

“Reenacting German and American Identities”
Summer 2015

Research Presentation Colloquia, Thursday, July 9, 2015
14:30-17:30 (2:30-5:30 p.m)
Senate Hall, Humboldt University

Student Presentations: a dialogic colloquia showcasing student research in progress

Description of Program:
This summer program, a collaboration between the University of Washington, Seattle (Honors Interdisciplinary and College of Education) and Humboldt and Jena Universitats (American Studies Departments) has a focus on identity politics and identify formation, individual, cultural, national, and what is involved in this production in Berlin, Germany and comparatively in Seattle, U.S.A. The program uses a comparative interdisciplinary model to learn about topics including:
·      Identity and Environment
·      Identity Migration and Education
·      Borders and Frontiers specifically: Refugee and migration movements in both Germany and U.S. and also East and West Germany identity complexities
·      Identity and the Arts/Historical Artifacts

Students will continue to work on their project write ups through August while back in Seattle, posting their final write ups to their blogs, located on the program blog.  You may find more information here:

Afternoon Presentation Schedule
·      Each student will present for approximately 7 minutes with a 5-minute group introduction before individual presentations.
·      Discussion will follow each presentation and time is allotted for discussion in between groups and at the end of the colloquia.


Student Presentations
(time for discussion after each presentation)

Memorialization and its effects on national and urban identities

Yu Hou--Nazi Germany architecture and changes since 1945

Natalie Hillerson--Pride and Sacrifice: War Memorialization and National Identity in the United States and Germany

Anna von Ravensberg—The Identification of Memorialization and Art

Jasmine Kim -- A Country Divided: The Effect of East and West Memorialization on German Identity

Immigrants and Society: Education, Economics, and Politics 

Lindsey Trimmer – EU and Immigration in Germany

Anna Gallagher –The Difference in Heads: Diversity in German Classrooms

Reem Sabha-- Identity Economics: College Major and Identity

Karinne Sandstrom –American identity in Foreign Context

Betty Gao -- Employment Situations for People with Migration Backgrounds in Germany

The Human Medium: Identity in News Media, Film, and Theater

Hannah Lewis -- Narratives and Impacts Surrounding Islam in German News Media  

Mira Naidoo -- The Eyes of Others: The Emergence of Immigrant Perspectives in German Cinema 

Kendra Ferrier -- Political Theater: Advocating for Equal Rights and Opportunities 

Roujia Wang-- -Self Expressions of Ethnic Minorities in Germany through Stage Performance.

Formation of Identity and Minority Identity through street art and social media 

Michaila Forte-- Street Art: the Relevancy of Identity 

Yi Shi--To what extend should Berlin, Kreuzberg develop while not losing its identity?"

Emerson Matson--The Internet Culture: Demographic Formation of Cultural Identity in Social Media

Thank you, wrap up. Drinks and snacks and more discussion.

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